Meet the 2015 Team

Introducing the 2015 Tour Down Under Beat Cancer Tour team!

Tim White

Occupation: Lawyer

Bike: Cannondale evo

Years riding: 2 yrs (a lot of marathons prior that)

KMs per week: 100km

Your motivation for riding:

I love keeping fit, mixing with positive and interesting people and seeing the magnificent Adelaide hills. Having raised funds for numerous charities over the years it was also a no brainer to assist Cancer Council.

There is unlikely to be any more important medical research than that into cancer, especially research into how it can be prevented and treated. Having assisted a lot of clients with a range of cancers – including mesothelioma, breast cancer and others I have seen how quickly it affects people’s health and lives.

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Justin Stewart-Rattray

Occupation: Solicitor at Stewart-Rattray Lawyers

Bike: Cannondale EVO

Years riding: 20

KMs per week: 200

Your motivation for riding:

Whether hammering out a Saturday session with my long term CIBO cycling mates or tearing around in the winter mud on the MTB cycling is the best sport in the world. How else can you so easily spend such quality time with friends being fit and healthy and see amazing places.

It provides an often painful challenge but in reality compared to living with cancer the discomfort is not that great and quickly subsides. Seeing good friends and those affected by cancer is humbling because they fight through it every day.

I am keen to raise funds and awareness to best find a cure for cancer so that no more lives are lost. The opportunity to help this great cause and have the pleasure of riding like a pro with my good friend and the extraordinary resilient Tim Brew was one too good to refuse.

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Tim Brew

Occupation: Property Maintenance

Bike: Pinarello Dogma 2

Years riding: 30

KMs per week: 150km

Your motivation for riding:

A little difference makes a big difference. I’ve been playing with a grade 4 grapefruit size brain tumor for 38 months. Having smashed the 6 to 15 month life expectancy the doctors discovered that I have a gene mutation ,enabling me to have a 1000 % better outcome . This could be 20 or more years.

I am riding because I know that my mutation is mimickable, and that the 98% failure rate of brain tumours could easily become beatable. DNA encoding, stem cell and tumour research strategies is light in the vortex for newly diagnosed. I know the power of the brain and that what we learn about the brain will synergise many other body cancers. Brain cancer research should be prioritised. Every dollar makes a difference.

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Tim Brew


Kev Fergusson

Occupation: Lecturer, Outdoor Recreation and Tourism, Regency TAFE

Bike: Giant TCR Advanced

Years riding: 25

KMs per week: 500

Your motivation for riding:

I first took up triathlons over 25 years ago to help beat a packet-a-day smoking habit. Since then, the unhealthy habit has well and truly been replaced by the new habit – competing in iron man races.

My mother, Joy, lost her battle with cancer on January 5 2006, and my father George was 55 when he drowned trying to save a mate while fishing – so turning 55 in 2014 was a year of 5 for me. With this in mind, I set the goal to race 5 Ironman competitions in one year – and raise $55,000 for cancer research.

While I have competed in (and won) all 5 iron man races in 2014, my main goal is not yet complete. The quest continues for the $55,000 for cancer research!

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Michael Wilson, Brandon Chaplin (pictured) and Brayden Lyle

Occupation: Port Adelaide Football Club Physio // Club Chaplin // Club Legend!

Bike: Cervelo // DeRosa // Scott

Years riding: 13 years // Forever! // 1 year

KMs per week: 300 // 350 // 300

Your motivation for riding:

The club is always looking for opportunities to support the community and give back, and the opportunity to ride in the Beat Cancer Tour supporting the Cancer Council was an excellent one!

On a personal level a blood cancer diagnosis received by a close family member of Michael has provided more than enough incentive to continue his fundraising efforts in support of cancer research.

As Club Chaplin, Brandon sees first-hand the impact life challenges (such as a cancer diagnosis) have on various members of the football and wider community.

In riding and raising money for this worthy cause, we hope to do our small part in creating a future where cancer ‘never tears us apart’!

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Fiona Yard

Occupation: Flight Nurse, Royal Flying Doctor Service in Cairns

Bike: BMC TMR01

Years riding: 5

KMs per week: 50-200

Your motivation for riding:

I am coming back on board this year as part of the support team and rider and couldn’t be happier.

I initially started riding 5 years ago after my mum died from metastatic breast cancer as a way of meeting new people who were like minded to lead a fit and active lifestyle. Never did I think cycling would open up a whole new world to me and become my salvation. I ride because I love the freedom and meeting people from all walks of life. The bike doesn’t discriminate, like that of Cancer. Despite my active and healthy life style I too was diagnosed with Cancer nearly 2 years ago. My bike was my rehabilitation, not just physically but also mentally where I could escape from reality & get lost in new surroundings…. 5 weeks post surgery I threw myself on a plane and went to the TDF where I rode myself to health once again.

Riding in The Beat Cancer Tour is thereby very close to my heart. I wish more than anything for better diagnostics, treatment but more than anything a CURE! Together we can Beat Cancer, I did but I was also fortunate not to suffer the ill effects of having Radiotherapy or Chemotherapy. That is why I am making a pledge that if people are able to sponsor me and I meet my target I will shave my head at the end of the tour on Sunday 25 Jan, 2015!

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Dale Ridgers

Occupation: Fisherman/diver

Bike: Trek Madone 7 series

Years riding: 5

KMs per week: 300km

Your motivation for riding:

Have had family members taken by cancer on both my wife and my side of family. We both have close family members fighting cancer right now.

I hope I can make a difference with my contribution.

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Melvin Mansell

Occupation: News Corporation Editorial Director SA, WA, NT and TAS

Bike: BH Ultralight

Years riding: 10

KMs per week: 180km in past year, recently jumped to 250+

Your motivation for riding:

The sad reality is the majority of us have been touched by cancer in some shape or form. It claimed the lives of both my parents and my closest uncle and aunt.

By riding in the Beat Cancer Tour and the Ride for a Reason to raise much needed funds for cancer research, I am attempting to make a significant contribution to those who lead the fight against this devastating disease.

I love cycling the hills always but I know when I ride off for this tour it will be with a sense of renewed purpose.

I will suffer at times no question. It will be worth it if I can make a little bit of a difference.

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Natalie Morgan

Occupation: Podiatrist

Bike: Trek Madone

Years riding: 2

KMs per week: 150

Your motivation for riding:

The work of the Cancer Council is quite dear to my heart, having lost my husband Stephen to Acute Myeloid Leukaemia, an aggressive blood cancer at age 34.

The week of TDU 2015 will mark the 9 year anniversary of Stephen’s death, and whilst l live a happy and fortunate life, raising my 3 children, the questions about what causes this type of cancer, and if my children are at greater risk of this blood cancer haunt me, and drive me to support the work of the Cancer Council funding medical research into cancer.

I am also motivated to model a healthy and positive lifestyle to my children, friends and family by cycling and participating in challenges such as the Beat Cancer Tour.

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Vujos Ostojic

Occupation: Tradie

Bike: S-Works

Years riding: 3

KMs per week: 300

Your motivation for riding:

I started riding again 3 years ago after a close friend bought a bike and wanted company on a few rides. In a short space of time, we were addicted. Without realising it, we were becoming fitter, healthier and the scales where looking a lot better.

In recent times my family/friends have been affected by cancer and it’s something that I would like and try to make a difference in.

If my small part in riding my bike can change a persons outcome or build awareness, then I’ll be more than happy!

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Andy Otten, Ryan O’Keefe, David Noble and Nathan Godfrey

Occupation: AFL Football (Adelaide Crows)

Bike: Trek

Years riding: 5

KMs per week: 100-300

Your motivation for riding:

Andy started riding as part of his recovery from a knee injury and to link in with such a great charity organisation like Cancer Council SA is an opportunity that he couldn’t pass up on.

Cancer unfortunately has impacted most of us at some stage, and at our Club we were all affected by the loss of Dean Bailey. It left a huge void with his sudden passing, and in riding and raising money for this worthy cause, we can look back and be proud of it.

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Otten O'Keefe Noble Nathan-Crows



Greg Sharplin

Occupation: Cancer Researcher

Bike: Focus Izalco Pro

Years riding: 8

KMs per week: 250

Your motivation for riding:

Over the years I have seen many people affected by cancer including family members and friends, and every day I am lucky enough to work with those who are striving to lessen the burden of cancer on our community – from the researchers and health care professionals through to the passionate volunteers and fundraisers – all of whom are doing what they can to help beat cancer. This is my motivation for riding.

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Greg Sharplin



Sam Farrell

Occupation: Project Manager, Beat Cancer Tour

Bike: Look 695

Years riding: 4

KMs per week: 50-300

Your motivation for riding:

Growing up, I lived on my bike during the school holidays. Yet, like many others, “life” got in the way. That was, until I met a colleague who got me back onto the bike. My first day back in the saddle took me straight back to school holidays 10 years prior. I was hooked.

Since then, riding has been something I’ve done for fitness, then competitively, socially, and perhaps most importantly – for the friendships I’ve formed and sense of ‘team’ that comes from suffering for hours in the saddle together. Those days where everyone works together to pull off something that seemed pretty daunting, if not impossible.

The Beat Cancer Tour draws on exactly that for me – a bunch of individuals, coming together and working as a team against a most formidable opponent. Cancer. Working together in the wind. Working together on the hills. Working together to raise funds to kick cancer’s ass. Having recently joined the Cancer Council team, I can see first-hand the impact these funds have – and that is as humbling as it is exciting.

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sam-bct profile


Ben Taylor

Occupation: IT Consultant

Bike: Boardman Elite Series SLR

Years riding: 2

KMs per week: 280+

Your motivation for riding:

My motivation to cycle was for my own health after a trip to the doctors a year ago diagnosed me with anxiety and so I looked at alternative treatments to help me manage the symptoms. It’s been 12 months of amazing adventures, stories and meeting new friends and thankfully freedom from the symptoms of anxiety. Unfortunately it has also been a year in which I have had to say goodbye to a family friend who lost their battle with cancer and my Nan has recently been diagnosed. I will be doing this ride for them and for every person that has been touched by cancer. I’m taking part in this fantastic event so that it will raise awareness and much needed funds in the search for a cure.

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BCT-Ben Taylor


John Brennan

Occupation: Manager, Drilling Coordinator, Dept. of State Development

Bike: Cannondale Super 6 Evo

Years riding: 18 months

KMs per week: 100+

Your motivation for riding:

As individuals, we have all been impacted to different degrees by the devastating effect that cancer can have on those around us. My motivation for riding the Beat Cancer Tour is to make a contribution, so the next generation will have the upper hand in facing this insidious disease. As the father of a beautiful, healthy, four year old daughter, I feel incredibly fortunate and blessed. It is devastating to think that there are children out there the same age or even younger that are currently battling cancer, with no real cure currently in reach. Anything I can do to make a small bit of difference for the children of today, and the children of the future, is a more than worthwhile cause.

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photo (3)


Billy Thompson

Occupation: Police Inspector, South Australia Police

Bike: Cervelo S3

Years riding: 40+

KMs per week: 250+

Your motivation for riding:

Growing up as a kid in Ireland I got inspired to ride my bike after seeing the exploits of Sean Kelly and Stephen Roche as they took on the challenges of the professional peleton! Since those days I have ridden my bike for many reasons, to get fit, to get faster, to win races, to see new places and to have fun. But the reason I’m riding the Beat Cancer Tour is more important than all those things, I want to help fight cancer. You will search hard to find anyone that hasn’t been touched by cancer. The look of fear you see in someone’s eyes when they tell you they have been diagnosed with cancer is something I want to help stop. That’s my motivation for riding.

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Matthew Green

Occupation: Doctor, Pain, Rehabilitation and Musculoskeletal Physician

Bike: Bianchi

Years riding: 40+

KMs per week: 100+

Your motivation for riding:

I Love riding, racing with the Southern Vets on the weekends, Mountain Biking the local trails with mates or riding BMX with my Kids at the local track. Like all MAMILs I grew up riding to school and everywhere else, I just haven’t stopped! A good friend of our family (our Bridesmaid), Fi Yard, rode the 2014 Beat Cancer Tour. A cancer survivor herself, Fi has lost her mother to Cancer. All of us will be acquainted with Cancer either through our family (My mother in Law, Aunt and Grandmother) or our friends. Fi has “recruited me” to be involved in this years event. I’m up for the experience- to ride – to raise awareness and funds for a most worthy cause. Bring It On!!!

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Matthew Green


Christopher McIver

Occupation: Veterinarian

Bike: Specialized S-Works Tarmac

Years riding: 10

KMs per week: 200+

Your motivation for riding: I’m fit, healthy and am in a position to be able to do it, have the time of my life and also contribute to helping. Everyday I see people who are less fortunate than me and are struggling with the immense trauma of cancer. One day that may be me or someone I love. I think it is important to do something and make a difference while I can.

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Christopher McIver


Jason Stephens

Occupation: State General Manager Westpac NSW

Bike: Specialized Venge

Years riding: 5

KMs per week: 300+

Your motivation for riding:

I want to help the fight against cancer and contribute to my broader community by helping find a cure for cancer. Like many of my family and friends, Cancer is a disease which has touched most of our lives in some way or other. In my personal life, cancer has affected my family and friends by the tragic loss of my mother’s twin sister. She was an amazing woman, friend and an inspiration to our family and her friends. Additionally, and unfortunately, I have friends who too have passed from this disease. I am going to use these great friends as inspiration to help me ride in the Beat Cancer Tour 2015 as we raise funds to beat cancer and give all our family and friends a better chance at a rewarding and fulfilling life.

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Jason Stephens

Kelly Commins

Occupation: Managing Director Austbrokers Southern – Insurance Brokers

Bike: Merida Team Reacto

Years riding: 5 about 20 years ago, and 6 months now

KMs per week: 250-300

Your motivation for riding: I believe everyone has been touched by this terrible disease either through family or friends, and I’m in the same boat. Apart from wanting to help raise funds to aid in the fight to beat cancer, I want to seize on this opportunity to also be a real life changer for myself. Unfortunately I went from being athletic at a high level to an overweight smoker, a ticking time bomb. I am determined to hit the start line 20kg lighter and committed non smoker.

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Leigh Mosel

Occupation: Doctor, Diagnostic and Interventional Radiologist

Bike: Specialized Roubaix

Years riding: 2 (not including time on BMX as a kid)

KMs per week: 150+

Your motivation for riding: as a radiologist I am heavily involved in the diagnosis, staging and treatment of cancer in all its forms and see first hand its devastating effects. It is a challenging and sometimes rewarding experience but I’d prefer to be part of the cure. This is my motivation, this is my mission.

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Matthew Schmidtke

Occupation: Registered Nurse / Project Manager

Bike: Giant TCR Advanced SL1 and Lapierre Zesty 729 (MTB)

Years riding: 18 months

KMs per week: 100+

Your motivation for riding: The death of my father in 1987 after a long battle with cancer changed the course of my life. This tour is an opportunity for me to honour my dad by doing something I find challenging both physically and mentally, with the outcome of raising much needed funds for research to find a cure for cancer.

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Matthew Schmidke


Stephen Brooks

Occupation: Rural General Practitioner (GP)

Bike: Focus Izalco with Campagnolo EPS

Years riding: 5

KMs per week: 150+

Your motivation for riding: Cancer is a disease which has touched most of our lives in some way or other.

I would like to fundraise and actually make a difference and a significant contribution to the fight against cancer. In my personal life, cancer has affected my family and friends by the tragic loss of my brother-in-law at age 43 due to bowel cancer. He was a great man, best friend and an inspiration to family, friends and all he shook hands with. I am going to use his inspiration to help me ride in the Beat Cancer Tour 2015.

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Meet our 2014 team.

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