Meet the 2016 Team

Introducing the 2016 Tour Down Under Beat Cancer Tour team!

Adam Carpenter

Occupation: Owner/Creative Director – Toolbox Graphic Design

The steed: Lapierre Xelius Ultimate

Years riding: 20+

KMs per week: 0-300km

Your motivation for riding:

Those of you who know me know that I am passionate about 3 things: my family, my business and my cycling. So next January I am taking the latter one on that list to the next level by signing up for a full week of the Beat Cancer Tour. For this I will be riding every stage of the Tour Down Under 2016! The good news is, following a previous Cardiac Arrest, 3 years ago on a charity ride and last year’s open heart surgery, I am once again fit as a fiddle and will definitely stay upright for this one!!

With my history, I fully understand the value of your health and that’s why I’m happy to be doing this ride to help support Cancer Council in their ongoing challenge to beat Cancer. As a part of this, and most importantly, I will be donating and raising funds towards this important cause. If you would like to help support me, please donate here and together we can help beat this terrible disease. You can help change lives… every dollar counts! Thank you for your support.



Adam Carpenter


Andrew Radford

Occupation: Public Accountant/Dairy Farmer

The steed: Giant – T-Mobile

Years riding: 20

Kms/week: 50 – 150

Motivation For Riding:
Cancer is such a ruthless disease. Once a person is diagnosed with cancer it is heartbreaking for them, their family, friends and work colleagues. Any small contribution that can be made to alleviate such pain will always be a worthwhile endeavour.


Andrew Radford


Andrew Schultz

Occupation: Mechanic

The steed: Trek Madone 5.9

Years riding: 4

Kms/week: 250-300

Motivation for riding:
Having been diagnosed with cancer and subsequently going thru an operation, there is no bigger motivation for doing what I can to beat cancer. And what better way than through the Beat Cancer Tour, which I’ll be using as a motivation for getting back in the saddle.


BCT_Rider_Andrew Shultz


Bria – Paramedic

Occupation: Paramedic, SA Ambulance Service

The steed: Lapierre Xelius 800

Years Riding: 8

Kms/week: 300

Motivation for riding:

I felt honoured to be asked to be a part of the support for this team. I’m hoping the team will keep it upright and healthy and I can enjoy riding with and supporting an amazing group of humans raising money for a cause that is very close to my heart.




Brian Burns

Occupation: Financial Controller

The steed: Ridley Damocles

Years riding: 4

Kms/week: 100 – 200

Motivation for riding:
I re-discovered my love of riding in 2010-11 just to keep fit. I still remember the sense of achievement when I finished my first 30km Amy’s ride. Now I do that regularly as a warm up before breakfast.

Having seen the effects of cancer first hand and now fighting the disease for a second time with my spouse, my motivation to ride and raise funds for cancer research is strong. Riding The Beat Cancer Tour will allow me to make a small contribution to research that may help to find a cure for the disease.

Any discomfort that we experience on our bikes is insignificant when compared to that which cancer victims suffer. Please give generously.




Cahn Butler-Channell

Occupation: Student

The steed: Merida Reacto 5000

Years Riding: 10

Kms/week: 400

Motivation for riding:

My name is Cahn Butler-Channell, I am 17 years old and have committed to be a part of the Beat Cancer Team in the Santos Tour Down Under.

I raced in triathlons until the end of 2014 before switching my focus to road cycling. The reason behind this is so that I can work towards achieving my long term goal of racing in Europe as a professional rider.

I know of many people in my community that have been struck with cancer or who have family battling this disease, this is my way of giving back to the community and showing my support.

There is no event like this in the world where you can ride alongside the pros and be treated as a pro. I’m excited to be able to contribute to this cause by doing something I love.





Daniel De Conno

Occupation: CEO, Qattro

The steed: Daccordi

Years Riding: 7

Kms/week: 150-200

Motivation for riding:
I’m keen to do my bit in raising money to hopefully find a cure!


BCT_Rider_Dan De Conno2


Darren Di Iulio

Occupation: Orthodontist

The steed: Specialized S-works Tarmac

Years riding: 8

Kms/week: 100

Motivation for riding:
I want to challenge myself physically and also do something to support the ongoing efforts in helping those fighting cancer. I have lost two grandparents to cancer before their time and the memories of their suffering spur me on in this challenge – both to complete the ride and to help raise vital funds for Cancer Council.


Darren Di Iulio



David Baker

Occupation: CEO, DPS Publishing Pty Ltd

The steed: Trek Emonda SLR

Years Riding: 5

Kms/week: 250

Motivation for riding:

“Time to think and process ideas

Time to not think and dream

To get to where I am going

To be amazed that I can get to some of the places I go

Going really fast down a windy hill

Going up a long steady climb

Keeping fit and strong and healthy

Keeping my mood happy, or at least not sad

Feeling good about the world

Feeling good about other people

Competing against myself

Competing against mother time

Because I can



Beat Cancer Tour



Felicity Lloyd

Occupation: Operations Manager

Steed: Scott Foil

Kms/week: 200-450

Motivation for riding:
I was diagnosed with advanced melanoma in May last year. Hopefully it’s been caught in time. I was amazed at the advancements in treatment I was able to receive compared to only 5 years ago.

I want to give back to the research that has given me so much.





Greg Sharplin

Occupation: Cancer Researcher

The steed: Focus Izalco Pro

Years riding: 8

Kms/week: 250

Motivation for riding:
Over the years I have seen many people affected by cancer including family members and friends, and every day I am lucky enough to work with those who are striving to lessen the burden of cancer on our community – from the researchers and health care professionals through to the passionate volunteers and fundraisers – all of whom are doing what they can to help beat cancer. This is my motivation for riding.

Greg Sharplin



Janine Vavasseur

Occupation: Laboratory Assistant/Clerical

The steed: BMC Team Machine SLR01

Years riding: 12

Kms/week: 250-300km

Motivation for riding:

I love cycling and the freedom and health benefits it gives me. I’ve lost friends to cancer in the past, have seen friends beat cancer and have friends currently fighting the disease.
Undertaking the Beat Cancer Tour combines my passion for cycling with the ability to make a difference in finding a cure for cancer and culminates in a life changing experience.




Jason Stephens

Occupation: NSW State General Manager, Westpac

The steed: Colnago C60

Years riding: 6

Kms/week: 250+

Motivation for riding:
I want to help the fight and find a cure for cancer. Like many of my family and friends, cancer is a disease which has touched most of our lives in some way or other.
In my personal life, cancer has affected my family and friends by the tragic loss of two of my Mothers sisters. Both were amazing woman, friends and an inspiration to our family and their friends. Additionally, and unfortunately, I have friends who have also passed from this disease.
I am going to use the tragic loss of these friends as inspiration to help me ride in the Beat Cancer Tour 2016 (yes I enjoyed it so much – I’m back again) as we raise funds to beat cancer and give all our family and friends a better chance at a rewarding and fulfilling life.

Jason Stephens


John Brennan

Occupation: Minerals Drilling Coordinator

The steed: Cannondale SuperSix Evo Di2

Years riding: 2 years

Kms/week: 100km+

Motivation for riding:
Its hard to find anyone in society that hasn’t been touched by the impact of cancer, either directly or indirectly. Unfortunately, the battle to beat cancer is a long and costly one, so anything I can do to raise money for the cause is certainly worthwhile. Having ridden two stages of the 2015 BCT, I was particularly keen to come back again and raise more money for the Cancer Council, and keep fit in the process.

BCT_Rider_John Brennan


John Cullen

Occupation: Owner of CULLEN Real Estate

The steed: Fondriest TFZero SS No.5

Years riding: 28

Kms/week: 300

Motivation for riding:
I have been a very long term supporter of Canteen (Kids with Cancer) so having the goal to fundraise for the Cancer cause and combine it with my love of cycling is a dream come true.

There are unfortunately so many different forms of cancer which need support in terms of funding for prevention, research, and education so I have a goal to fundraise as much as I can.

Cancer has touched the lives of so many in countless ways, so the desire to find a cure is paramount. Any contribution I can make through the Beat Cancer Tour to help that become a reality as soon as possible will make all the hours of training and suffering on the bike all worth it!

Also, if you want to follow my cycling adventures while training for the Beat Cancer Tour, I am writing a blog that you can check out at:



Kev Fergusson

Occupation: Lecturer, Outdoor Recreation and Tourism, Regency TAFE

The steed: Specialized Tarmac Elite CEN

Years Riding: 25

Kms/week: 500

Motivation for riding:

I first took up triathlons over 25 years ago to help beat a packet-a-day smoking habit. Since then, the unhealthy habit has well and truly been replaced by the new habit – competing in iron man races.

My mother, Joy, lost her battle with cancer on January 5 2006, and my father George was 55 when he drowned trying to save a mate while fishing – so turning 55 in 2014 was a year of 5 for me. With this in mind, I set the goal to race 5 Ironman competitions in one year – and raise $55,000 for cancer research.

While I have competed in (and won) all 5 iron man races in 2014, my main goal is not yet complete. The quest continues for the $55,000 for cancer research!

BCT_Rider_Kev Fergusson


Kim Scott

Occupation: Managing Director, Cleland Capital Pty Ltd
The steed: Cannondale Synapse Hi-Mod Black Inc Carbon
Years riding: 20+
Kms/week: 150-250

Motivation for riding:

Having now reached my 50th year on this mortal coil, and having lost family members, friends and work colleagues to cancer in the past, I thought it was time to do something personally to not only raise awareness, but also to do something to directly help fund cancer research in South Australia. As everyone knows, cancer doesn’t discriminate and we are all potentially only a doctors appointment away from hearing those life changing words.

Joining the Beat Cancer Tour team allows me to combine my passion for cycling with raising funds for Cancer Council of SA, who do an outstanding job in converting every dollar that is donated into $4 of research.

I’m happy to take any donations via this page, but the majority of my fund raising will be through some charity shows my brother and I (from the Adelaide band The Mark of Cain are playing in Adelaide on Wed 25th of Nov and Wed 2nd of Dec at the Enigma Bar, where all door takings will go to Cancer Council SA.

Kim Scott


Mark Newman

Occupation: Accountant

The steed: Pinarello Dogma

Years riding: Four

Kms/week: 200

Motivation for riding:
Riding in this event and raising money for the Cancer Council is close to my heart, particularly as my Mum died due to kidney cancer in 2009. Since then there have been an increasing number of clients being effected by cancer or having lost people to cancer, so I’d like to do my bit.

I joined the 2015 Beat Cancer Tour team and was really keen to come back to do the full pro-tour experience.

BCT_Rider_Mark Newman


Mark Wadsworth

Occupation: Meat Manager and Workplace Trainer

The steed: Specialized Tarmac SL3

Years riding: 10

Kms/week: 150-200

Motivation for riding:
Cycling is not just a sport to me, it is a passion of mine. I have been an avid rider since high school with my first bike being a BMX and I soon moved into mountain bike riding. Today, I love nothing more than being able to get on my road bike and cruising through the hills with my mates or taking it easy along Adelaide’s beautiful beaches.

If I can do just a small part by riding in the Beat Cancer Tour 2016 to raise both awareness and funds to go towards beating cancer, then I would love to have this opportunity.

BCT_Rider_Mark Wadsworth

Matt Schmidke

Occupation: Registered Nurse / Project Manager

The steed: Giant TCR Advanced SL1

Years riding: 2 years

Kms/week: 100+

Motivation for riding:
I lost my father to bowel cancer when I was 9 years old. Having my own young family now has reinforced to me the importance of finding a cure for cancer. No child should have to lose a parent to this disease. If we can find a cure, there will be no need for anyone to lose a loved one to cancer. That’s my goal!

BCT_Rider_Matt Schmidke

Natalie Morgan

Occupation: Podiatrist

The steed: Trek Madone

Years riding: 3

Kms/week: 150

Motivation for riding:
The 2016 Tour Down Under will coincide with the 10th Anniversary of Cancer changing my life. Friday 22nd January will be Stage 4 of the TDU, and will also be 10 years since my husband died from an aggressive Blood Cancer, Acute Myeloid Leukaemia – leaving me a 33 year old pregnant widow.

The last ten years, have been tough. I have tried very hard to raise our 3 children with strength, passion and a positive drive for life.

Signing up for the Beat Cancer Tour is a symbolic acknowledgement of the last 10 years. I may not be the classic cancer survivor, but it is now always part of our history. I now passionately support the work of the Cancer Council in medical research for treatment and prevention of Cancer, and I hope my participation in the Beat Cancer Tour will contribute to their work.

BCT_Rider_Natalie Morgan


Meegan Osti

Occupation: Radiologist

The steed: Lightweight / BMC

Years riding: 5

Kms/week: 250

Motivation for joining the team:
Life is full of challenges if you look for them. They can pass you by or you can choose to embrace them and push yourself beyond your limits. I think this may be mine!

When things get tough I think about my niece and her family and the struggles they have daily living with cancer and think to myself if they can keep going then so must I. Cancer doesn’t choose – raising funds for research will help the lives of many. It is the least I can do whilst enjoying a challenge.



Orso Osti

Occupation: Orthopaedic Surgeon

The steed: Cannondale Evo

Years riding: 1 year

Kms/week: 250 – 300

Motivation for joining the team:
I really enjoy riding the bike, it reminds me of some of the happiest memories of my youth when with my older brother we would roam the “strade bianche” around my maternal grandparents’ country property in Romagna, between Bologna and the Adriatic (the land of “il Pirata”!) pretending to be Gianni Motta (my brother) and Felice Gimondi (myself)!
Secondly, I’m joining the team because I want to support this event which is a feather in the Adelaide’s cap and lastly, but not leastly, because I love to challenge myself and riding over 100km everyday for six days will be definitely a challenge!



Paul Vasey

Occupation: Doctor – Medical Oncologist

The steed: Parlee Z1 Custom

Years riding: 7

Kms/week: 150-250

Motivation for riding:
I live in Queensland and have been working as a cancer specialist for the last 25 years. I took up cycling 7 years ago and quickly became obsessed, losing 20kg over the first 2 years. I ride in triathlons and have now taken part in two Rapha “Cent Cols Challenge” events in the Pyrenees, and Corsica. Last year I had a serious accident on the bike, fracturing 7 ribs and puncturing a lung amongst other things, which saw me hospitalized as a patient for the first time in my life. I have been slowly regaining my fitness since, and my personal motivation is therefore to recapture some form before age catches up with me!

But my main motivation is my patients. I want to give something back. I am involved in cancer treatments and research on a daily basis, and I want my patients to know that I am prepared to go the extra mile to help promote research into treatments for their disease.

BCT_Rider_Paul Vasey


Peter Bole-Schneider

Occupation: Bike mechanic, A-Mart Sports

The steed: S-Works Venge

Years Riding: 4

Kms/week: 300-800

Motivation for joining the team:

As someone who knows many people who are battling with cancer (most of them family), I feel that raising some money for cancer research is the least I can do. To raise funds I rode solo from Adelaide oval to the MCG in Melbourne over 5 days that’s 777km!! I am looking forward to being behind the scenes during the Tour Down Under supporting those who have raised enormous funds for Cancer Council.

My cousin also races professionally in Europe so being a part of the Tour Down Under in a similar way to him is pretty cool!



Richard McLachlan

Nickname: “Richo” or “Clogs” (no explanations available…)
Occupation: Project Director
The steed: Cervelo R5
Kms/week: not enough! (or around 150…)
Motivation for riding:
My motivation in joining the BCT team is to do something positive and healthy to assist with the battle against Cancer.
We lost our Dad to cancer in 2011 and as a family we have experienced the challenges of living through the roller coaster of uncertainty and fear created by initial diagnosis, surgery, treatment, the hope of remission, the bitter disappointment of secondary cancer emerging, new treatment, alternative treatment, trial drugs, blood transfusions, regular stints in hospital and finally admission to Mary Potter Hospice and the acceptance that despite the valiant battle from a very strong man we didn’t win the war against the awful disease that is Cancer.
We were extremely lucky to have a strong network of family and friends to provide support and love along the way and Dad received amazing care from team of Doctors, nurses and palliative care specialists throughout the journey.
I hope that by demonstrating my personal commitment to a significant physical and mental challenge, I can inspire others to contribute to the fundraising efforts of the Cancer Council to assist other families facing the same challenges that our family endured leading up to and following Dad’s passing.

Richard McLachlan

Robin Weber

Occupation: IT Architect

The steed: Merida Reacto 907

Years riding: 15 yrs

Kms/week: 300-400

Motivation for riding: Cancer affects all of us, and this event is a great way to support finding a cure for this terrible disease via doing something I love.

Robin Weber

Ryan Hodges

Occupation: BIM Consulting

The steed: Giant TCR SL0

Years Riding: 10

Kms/week: 250

Motivation for riding:

As a 32 year old, fit and healthy, avid cyclist, and non-smoker, I received a diagnosis I did not anticipate—I was diagnosed with stage four lung cancer—an advanced stage of the disease with a negative prognosis.

I had felt something was ‘not quite right’ for the months leading up to this diagnosis and the rarity of my condition meant it was not initially detected.

Odds were against me, but there were two options: say life isn’t fair; or, accept it and get on with fighting it. We chose to fight it. I underwent targeted therapy, and against the odds, have seen my condition improve and am now considered to be in partial remission.

My son Oliver and wife Helen have been an incredible motivator in their fight to beat cancer.

I love to ride and if I can help raise money and awareness for such a great cause then that’s a bonus. If I am able to help only one person feel more positive about the challenge they have ahead of them, then I’ll feel good.

I initially decided to participate in Ride for a reason, as a part of the Bupa Challenge Tour, then later decided to participate on a bigger scale – joining the Beat Cancer Tour team.


Ryan Hodges


Ryan O’Keefe

As a passionate cyclist, what greater experience is there than being part of a professional race, and the biggest bike race in this country?!

The Beat Cancer Tour gives me the best of both worlds; the experience to complete the Tour Down Under with a well organised, professional outfit, while doing it for a great cause to raise both money and awareness.

Being part of a team with a common goal, and to help others complete a goal and an achievement is one of the big attractions to me to get involved.

Giving some of my time to help others and the cause is only my pleasure, and I am looking forward to week!

Get behind us. Every dollar counts.

Funds raised through the Beat Cancer Tour go towards the Cancer Council’s Beat Cancer Project. For every dollar invested in this project, four dollars of research is undertaken. This is due to matched funding from Government and South Australia’s leading universities.


Ryan OKeefe


Tracy & Mike


Tracy – Police Officer
Mike – Police Officer

The steeds:

Tracy – Lapierre Xelius EFI 200
Mike – Focus Team SL 1.0

Years Riding:

Tracy – 5
Mike – 12


Tracy – 200+
Mike – never enough!

Motivations for riding, and supporting the team:

I simply enjoy being out and about on my bike and I always enjoy helping those in need. I joke that riding competitively is my mid-life crisis, but it beats sitting on the couch making goals that I am never going to achieve while sitting there. I also enjoy being a role model to my young daughter and above all the health benefits of committing to a healthy lifestyle.
I came in late in the piece last year to join the support crew and enjoyed every minute of it. I sat in the passenger seat in the rear car handing out whatever was required by the riders in the peloton. I drove the bus and helped wherever I could with whatever was required each day. The support crew and the riders were all brilliant and it was just a week of fun, laughs, early mornings, late nights and all the while helping those in need and getting the message out and about.

Originally I was in to the mud and a Mountain bike was the only choice. However, when I moved to South Australia I found the trails were being ignored in favour of the tarmac. Most of my riding was originally commuting but my commute started to get longer and longer and I then joined a keen group and my weekends have never been the same since. Late last year I volunteered to assist on the Beat Cancer Tour and believed I would be washing bike, packing bags and other ‘behind the scenes’ jobs to help out the team. However, Sam had other ideas and I soon found myself in the lead vehicle responsible for navigation and timings of both the BCT and the Pro-teams to make sure both groups kept a safe distance apart. I also looked after the communications to keep everyone informed along the way. Once the riders finish our work really starts as we prepare for the following day.
2015 was an amazing year and for very personal reasons I am hugely motivated to make sure that 2016 is even bigger and even better. I’ll be back in the front seat and hoping to keep you all on the right track. Last year, the days were long, the work was tough but the laughs were plenty and fun was non-stop. I am committing to working with the team, and for the team, so together we can beat cancer.

Vujos Ostojic

Occupation: Tradie

The steed: S-Works

Years riding: 4

Kms/week: 300

Motivation for riding:
I started riding again 3 years ago after a close friend bought a bike and wanted company on a few rides. In short space of time, we were addicted. Without realising we were becoming fitter, healthier and the scales where looking a lot better.

In recent times my family/friends have been affected by cancer and it’s something that I would like and try to Make a difference. If my small part in riding my bike can change a person’s outcome or awareness then I’ll be more than happy!

Meet the our 2015 team



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