Beat Cancer Tour Team profile

Beat Cancer Tour Team

The Beat Cancer Tour team is made up by a bunch of individuals, coming together and working as a team against a most formidable opponent. Cancer.  We will work together in the wind. Work together on the hills. And work together to raise funds to kick cancer’s ass.

Funds raised through the Beat Cancer Tour go towards the Cancer Council’s Beat Cancer Project. For every dollar invested in this project, four dollars of research is undertaken. This is due to matched funding from Government and South Australia’s leading universities.

This team will have the opportunity to see first-hand the impact these funds have – and that is as humbling as it is exciting.

Watch us. Follow us. Support us. Every dollar counts.

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Leigh's profile

Leigh Mosel

Occupation: Radiologist

Bike: Specialized venge

Years riding: 5

KM’s/week: Up to 100km (more running)

Motivation for riding: To be part of an amazing experience for a great cause

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John's profile

John Cullen

Occupation: Real Estate

Bike: Fondriest TFZero SS No. 5

Years riding: 29

KM’s/week: approx 300

Motivation for riding:

I have been a very long term supporter of Canteen (Kids with cancer) so having the goal to fundraise for the cancer cause and combine it with my love of cycling is a dream come true.

There are unfortunately so many different forms of cancer which need support in terms of funding for prevention, research and education, so I have a goal to fundraise as much as I can.

Cancer has touched the lives of so many in countless ways, so the desire to find a cure is paramount. Any contribution I can make through the Beat Cancer Tour to help that becomes a reality as soon as possible will make all the hours of training and suffering on the bike all worth it!

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Meegan's profile

Meegan Osti

Occupation: Doctor

Bike: Parlee

Years riding: 4

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Stuart's profile

Stuart Davis

Occupation: Director/Business Strategies

Bike: Fondriest / SpeedX

Years riding: 2

KM’s/week: 100km+

Motivation for riding:

The challenge and the cause. Riding in the BCT2017 will be a significant personal challenge. Riding every stage of the Santos Tour Down Under won’t be an easy undertaking. But it is such a unique event and the most immersive tour experience available – so I had to do it at some stage, why not 2017. When this opportunity is supporting a cause like Cancer Council SA where the team will be raising funds to help beat cancer I really, really had to be involved. If I can contribute in a small way to beating this disease that, directly or indirectly, impacts on so many of us I’m happy to do so.

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Orso's profile

Orso Osti

Occupation: Orthopedic (Spinal) Surgeon

Bike: Cannondale Blank Inc.

Years riding: 2

KM’s/week: >100

Motivation for riding: The best form of exercise for an ageing man!

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Julie's profile

Julie Stevens

Occupation: Business Owner

Bike: Cannondale

Years riding: 7 years

KM’s/week: 150-200kms

Motivation for riding:

  1. Personal challenge
  2. In memory of my Step-Father
  3. Pure enjoyment!
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Martin's bio

Martin Cross

Occupation: Director

Bike: Pinnerello Dogma 65.1 Think 2

Years riding: 12

KM’s/week: 150 (on a good week!)

Motivation for riding:

I have been riding for charity events for 12 years and been involved with medicines and medical research for over 30 years.  Like most people cancer has raised it ugly head in my family and life.  My wife diagnosed and treated for breast cancer, aged only 42 my sister in law passed away with colorectal cancer and ten years ago I had a benign salivary gland neoplasm surgically removed. Over the last 20 years have made tremendous progress in cancer treatment, but there is a still a very long way to go and outcome related research is critical.  It is an honour to be able to join the ride.

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Andrew's profile

Andrew Hamilton

Occupation: Partner – Onda Group

Bike: Trek Madone

Years riding: 10+

KM’s/week: About to increase dramatically!

Motivation for riding: I initially started riding as a part of my entry into the world of triathlons. Since then, riding has become a big part of my ‘keeping fit’ routine, as well as being a great way to socialise with mates.

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Kim's profile

Kim Scott

Occupation: Engineer

Bike: Cannondale Synapse Black Inc.

Years riding: 20

KM’s/week: 250-350

Motivation for riding: Have lost family members, friends and work colleagues to cancer and want to help raise funds for important research.

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George's Profile

George Costi

Occupation: Seafood Retailer

Bike: (Several ) Probably Legend or Cervelo

Years riding: 3

KM’s/week: 500kms

Motivation for riding:

The pure freedom exhilaration and not to mention the health benefits which is what I tell my wife 🙂

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James' profile

James Pan

Occupation: Management Consultant

Bike: Cervelo R3 SL

Years riding: 30+

KM’s/week: 250kms

Motivation for riding:

My wife was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2010. The Beat Cancer Tour combines two things that are important to me – riding my bike and funding cancer research.

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Daniel's profile

Daniel DeConno

Motivation for riding:

I have witnessed friends and family being impacted by cancer and my 3 day involvement in the 2016 Beat Cancer Tour showed how fundraising can improve lives.  I see this involvement as making a small contribution toward a better outlook for us all.

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Peter's bio

Peter Price

Occupation: CEO : Crime Stoppers

Bike: FELT F1 , Di2

Years riding: 20+

KM’s/week: approx. 250

Motivation for riding:

In May (2016) I was diagnosed with stage 3 Melanoma. Of all the places it should make its presence known..growing on my chest over my heart. Quite a few operations later I was assured they had it all.

Having been living in the fast lane for so long and then to have the rug pulled from under my feet in one single hour on one single day had a profound impact. You realise how precious life is and how fragile.

Unfortunately my drama did not stop there, I was “injured” in hospital and was paralysed in one leg which led to me having back surgery in between my Cancer surgeries. This has put me on a long road of rehabilitation.


Riding with BCT is about showing that one can conquer adversity.

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David's profile

David Baker

Why am I riding in the Beat Cancer Tour 2017?

Our children have experienced all of their grandparents being diagnosed with cancers: pancreatic; sarcoma; kidney & lung and bowel cancer.

Only the grandparent with bowel cancer was successfully treated and ‘cured’ and the others were palliated by family and friends at home in their last months.

As Australia’s population ages the number of older people diagnosed with cancers will increase exponentially.

We desperately need cures for the cancers that are killing our grandparents

This is why I am riding in the Beat Cancer Tour again in 2017, to raise awareness of the increased rate of elderly people diagnosed with terminal cancers and the absolute need for research into finding cures for these.

When you sponsor me you know that I will be riding for a great cause; to ensure that research into finding cures for cancers will help all people regardless of age.

Occupation: CEO

Bike: Cannondale Evo Hi-Mod

Years riding: 5

KM’s/week: 250 – 300

Motivation for riding:

Love it.

Keep fit.

Time to think.


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Donald's profile

Donald Mcgurk

Occupation: Manager

Bike: Cannondale Evo

Years riding: 12

KM’s/week: 150

Motivation for riding: Support Cancer Council in their efforts to raise money for cancer research.

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Ryan's profile

Ryan Hodges

Occupation: BIM Consulting

The steed: Giant TCR SL0

Years Riding: 10

Kms/week: 250

Motivation for riding:

As a 32 year old, fit and healthy, avid cyclist, and non-smoker, I received a diagnosis I did not anticipate—I was diagnosed with stage four lung cancer—an advanced stage of the disease with a negative prognosis.

I had felt something was ‘not quite right’ for the months leading up to this diagnosis and the rarity of my condition meant it was not initially detected.

Odds were against me, but there were two options: say life isn’t fair; or, accept it and get on with fighting it. We chose to fight it.  I underwent targeted therapy, and against the odds, have seen my condition improve and am now considered to be in partial remission.

My son Oliver and wife Helen have been an incredible motivator in their fight to beat cancer.

I love to ride and if I can help raise money and awareness for such a great cause then that’s a bonus. If I am able to help only one person feel more positive about the challenge they have ahead of them, then I’ll feel good.

I initially decided to participate in Ride for a reason, as a part of the Bupa Challenge Tour, then later decided to participate on a bigger scale – joining the Beat Cancer Tour team.

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Cameron's profile

Cameron Malone

Occupation: Business Manager


Bike: Specialized Venge


Years riding: 15


KM’s/week: 200+


Motivation for riding: 

In July, my wife was diagnosed with Breast and Lymph Node Cancer. This was devastating news for our family and Jen has been battling cancer since.

I wanted to do something to help make a difference, so next January, I am challenging myself to ride in the Beat Cancer Tour. I will be riding every day, every stage of the Santos Tour Down Under. It is a grueling course and is sure to test me! But the tough, week long ride is nothing compared to a cancer diagnosis.

My mission is to help beat cancer by raising funds for Cancer Council in the lead up to this event! You can help change lives – so please give generously!

Thank you for your support!

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Nicholas' profile

Nicholas Mumford

Occupation: Commercial

Bike: Cannondale Evo

Years riding: Life

KM’s/week: 100-200

Motivation for riding: Enjoy, fitness, health, enjoy

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Peter's profile

Peter Hell

Occupation: Prosthodontist

Bike: Colnago C59

Years: 35

KM’s/week: 100-200

Motivation for riding: Riding the Beat Cancer Tour enables me to combine the joys of riding a bike in the awesome Adelaide Hills with supporting a cause that may alleviate the pains of cancer sufferers and their families + friends.

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About Kevin

Kevin Andrews

Next January I am challenging myself to ride in the Beat Cancer Tour. I will be riding every day, every stage of the Santos Tour Down Under that covers 879.1 kilometers over 6 days. (Roughly 150km’s per day) It is a gruelling course, is sure to test me and will require some significant investment in time to ensure I’m well prepared!

Most of us have or will be affected by cancer in some way in our lives, be it ourselves, friends or family. Personally my dad was diagnosed with prostrate cancer a few years back and even though his treatment was a success, it hits home about how quickly cancer becomes very personal. I’ve also seen how quickly the disease can change our lives with a very good friend who’s wife was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. It struck me that we may be thinking about our next ride or next family holiday today and tomorrow, we’re at the cancer clinic fighthing for our lives! It really has the most devastating impact and doesnt discriminate.

With all that said, we are fortunate to live in an exciting time where technology is driving innovation at a rate and scale never before seen in the history of planet. Applying this technology to medical research and specifically cancer has and will continue to rapidly accellerate the rate of advances in better understanding the disease and modelling potential treatments and cures. This type of research however requires investment and I’m hoping to get your help to support this type of research.

We can all help change lives – so please give generously! Thank you for your support!

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Alex's profile

Alex Reade

Occupation – Chartered Accountant, Sothertons

Bike – Cannondale Evo

Years riding – 8

Km/week – 250

Motivation for riding – I’ve seen family, friends, and clients battle cancer and if I can help beat cancer by raising funds for cancer research and treatment hopefully I can make someone else’s life better.

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Kev's profile

Kev Fergusson

Occupation: Lecturer, Outdoor Recreation and Tourism, Regency TAFE

The steed: Specialized Tarmac Elite CEN

Years Riding: 25

Kms/week: 500

Motivation for riding:

I first took up triathlons over 25 years ago to help beat a packet-a-day smoking habit. Since then, the unhealthy habit has well and truly been replaced by the new habit – competing in iron man races.

My mother, Joy, lost her battle with cancer on January 5 2006, and my father George was 55 when he drowned trying to save a mate while fishing – so turning 55 in 2014 was a year of 5 for me. With this in mind, I set the goal to race 5 Ironman competitions in one year – and raise $55,000 for cancer research.

While I have competed in (and won) all 5 iron man races in 2014, my main goal is not yet complete. The quest continues for the $55,000 for cancer research!

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Matt's profile

Matt Schmidke

Occupation: Registered Nurse / Project Manager

The steed: Giant TCR Advanced SL1

Years riding: 2 years

Kms/week: 100+

Motivation for riding:
I lost my father to bowel cancer when I was 9 years old. Having my own young family now has reinforced to me the importance of finding a cure for cancer. No child should have to lose a parent to this disease. If we can find a cure, there will be no need for anyone to lose a loved one to cancer. That’s my goal!


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Sarah's bio

Sarah Evreniadis

As a health care worker, I have seen all too often how cancer affects many lives and families in our community, including my own. By supporting this event and our Beat Cancer Tour team, I hope to help spread the positive image and advocate for the great work that Cancer Council SA has done and continues to do to enhance the lives of our loved ones going through the multitude of challenges that cancer creates. I believe this is a fantastic event with a great cause and feel privileged to be a part of such an enthusiastic and motivated team.

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Tracy's profile

Tracy Johnson

Putting it simply, I enjoy anything about bicycles, riding, watching and supporting. I also enjoy helping those in need. I have committed to a healthy lifestyle and being an ambassador for the Cancer Council.  I joined the Beat cancer Tour 2 years ago as a support crew member.  I enjoyed my time with the riders and the rest of the crew so much that I just keep coming back.  The event is like no other and it is highly addictive.  The support crew and the riders were all brilliant and it was just a week of fun, laughs, early mornings, late nights and all the while helping those in need and getting the message out and about.  Bring on 2017 BCT.

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Mike's bio

Mike Walkden

Originally I was in to the mud and a Mountain bike was the only choice. However, when I moved to South Australia I found the trails were being ignored in favour of the tarmac. Most of my riding was originally commuting but my commute started to get longer and longer and I then joined a keen group and my weekends have never been the same since. Late last year I volunteered to assist on the Beat Cancer Tour and believed I would be washing bike, packing bags and other ‘behind the scenes’ jobs to help out the team. However, Sam had other ideas and I soon found myself in the lead vehicle responsible for navigation and timings of both the BCT and the Pro-teams to make sure both groups kept a safe distance apart. I also looked after the communications to keep everyone informed along the way. Once the riders finish our work really starts as we prepare for the following day.
2015 was an amazing year and for very personal reasons I am hugely motivated to make sure that 2016 is even bigger and even better. I’ll be back in the front seat and hoping to keep you all on the right track. Last year, the days were long, the work was tough but the laughs were plenty and fun was non-stop. I am committing to working with the team, and for the team, so together we can beat cancer.

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Steven's bio

Steven Bedford

The opportunity to take part in a worthy cause with fantastically enthusiastic members, dedicated to raising funds to beat this destructive illness.

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Richard's bio

Richard Emsley

As a keen ‘coffee shop’ cyclist myself, a chance to do my part for a worthy cause, by supporting a team of great riders and getting involved in an annual highlight on the SA calendar.

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